Tijuana Organic Coffee Roasters

Our coffee is USDA certified and carefully picked through by local farmers in Soconusco Chiapas. European preparation grown above 1,400 meters arabica beans roasted to please your palette. 

Luwak Cafe Organic coffee from Chiapas in Tijuana, Baja California

Our Goal

We love to strive for customers satisfaction, Therefore we roast every few days to maintain freshness and have the best coffee in Tijuana.

Tijuana Belgian Mocha, 
Tijuana Peruvian Mocha
Tijuana Mexican Mocha

Mocha's from all over the world

We offer authentic mocha's with delicious chocolate from Peru, Belgium and Tabasco Mexixo. We are the only place in Tijuana that you can enjoy a delicious mocha with organic coffee. 

What Sets Us Apart?

Vegan Alternatives

Are you Vegan? We know how hard it is to find a place with different milk alternatives. Look no further! We have it all. 

Tasty Waffles with Belgian Chocolate

Visit us and check out our menu full of delicious crepes and waffles!

Nitro Cold Brew

As a third wave coffee shop we like to offer innovative drinks that create a wow factor!

Roasting Times

We usually roast early mornings, Early bird catches thew worm... Visit us as we open and you might see a glimpse of the magic happening.