Luwak Roasting

1. Harvesting


Through the years at Luwak, we have built relationships with the finest bean farmers in Southern Mexico and abroad. Our hands-on approach has allowed us to personally participate in the experience of the harvesting process, enabling us to confidently provide the highest quality bean. We believe that through paying fair-market prices, both our relationships and quality of product will continue to positively impact the coffee community for years to come.

2. Roasting


  Roasting brings out the aroma and flavor that is locked inside the green coffee beans. We have perfected our roasts to highlight the amazing qualities we want to offer in our drinks.

We care about  roast profile that brings you the ideal cup of coffee.

3. Cupping


We continue to strive for perfection, therefore we cup every single one of our coffees for quality control.

4- Coffee Lab


Continuous learning

Continuous training

5- Specialty Coffee


From bean to cup, we ensure that our coffee is delicately handled every step of the way. At Luwak, our team works hard in order to offer you an excellent cup of specialty coffee.

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